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Temporary Barriers



Hill & Smith’s signature creation, Zoneguard®, offers the road construction industry a revolutionary temporary barrier solution that provides superior protection. A cost-effective alternative to the traditional concrete barrier, Zoneguard’s lightweight configuration allows 750 LF to be hauled on one truck and up to 1500 LF to be installed in one hour. Zoneguard’s lightweight does not affect its performance, as it meets both NCHRP 350 (TL-3 & TL-4) and MASH (TL-3) crash test standards. Finally, a safe temporary barrier solution that doesn’t weigh down your bottom-line.


Freestanding Temporary Concrete Barrier

ZoneBloc® is a revolutionary temporary concrete barrier system, designed to minimize impact to the traveling public while offering a supreme level of protection in freestanding applications. When tested to MASH TL-3, ZoneBloc® deflected only 44″ and a working width of 63″.

With a base width of only 12″, the compact design is effective on projects where space is restricted. Its 40 ft. standard unit is optimal for deployment and accelerates the installation process when compared to traditional concrete barriers.
The narrow footprint results in a lightweight configuration, which allows 280 feet to be hauled on one flatbed truck.

The unique coupling system guarantees a safe and quick installation and large contact areas with integrated rubber pads result in a low surface pressure and protect the road surface.

TrafFix Sentry Water-Cable Barrier

The Sentry Water Cable Barrier is an NCHRP 350 TL-3 certified work zone crash barrier.

The Sentry is intended as an alternative to cumbersome concrete barriers in a construction work zone. The Sentry has been tested and passed all TL-2 and TL-3 light and heavy vehicle impacts at 45 and 62.5 mph (70 and 100 kph). With eleven (11) interlocking knuckles on each end multiple Sentry's can be linked together with a 1⅛" (30 mm) diameter galvanized hollow steel T-Pin with a steel keeper pin at the bottom of each T-Pin.

Zoneguard Barrier
ZoneBloc Barrier
TrafFix Sentry Water-Cable Barrier
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